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77/87/97/07 archive

From the very beginning, the planning and organization of Skulptur Projekte has been in the hands of the LWL-Landesmuseum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte.Thanks to the exhibitions, the museum has become the proud owner not only of thirty-nine important international outdoor sculptures, which are permanently presented in the urban space or in the museum. The State Museum also houses a substantial but up until now little known collection of preliminary artistic materials, including models, blueprints, design drawings, correspondence, and commentaries as well as a collection focus in the museum’s library. Today, most of the nearly 175 participating artists have developed groundbreaking works, including Isa Genzken’s very first outdoor work, ABC (1987), of which only the model, sketches and blueprints exist. Also Joseph Beuys’ Unschlitt (1977), Dan Graham’s pavilion Oktogon (1987) which we will reconstruct for this year’s exhibition, Michael Asher’s Caravan installation (1977-2007), Richard Serra’s Trunk (1987), Sol Lewitt’s For the Missing Jews (1987) or Jorge Pardo’s Pier (1997) and Janet Cardiff’s Walk for Münster I and II (1997) have been developed particularly for Skulptur Projekte.

The exhibition 77/87/97/07 archive accompanies skulptur projekte münster 07, this exciting and one-of-a-kind collection will be open to the public for the first time. The archive exhibition displays models of realized projects – including Claes Oldenburg’s Poolballs (1977), Richard Tuttle’s work Untitled (1986) or Rosemarie Trockel’s Less sauvage than others (2007) – as well as models of unrealized works by artists such as Katharina Fritsch or Olaf Metzel (both 1987). The design drawings and correspondence provide important background information on artistic decisions and the approaches taken to public and visual cultures and the question of sculptural form. Selected newspaper articles document the vivid, occasionally controversial public debates triggered by each edition of the Skulptur Projekte to date. This extensive collection represents an invaluable and art historically outstanding resource, documenting the creative process and the individual artist’s approaches to the topics of “urban space,” “art in public places,” and “outdoor sculptures” of the past thirty years as well as its reception. The 77/87/97/07 archive was conceptualized and organized by Brigitte Franzen.

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