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Tue Greenfort

*1973 Holbæk / Dänemark, lives in Frankfurt and Berlin

Project: Diffuse Einträge

It is neither the waterworks at Hellbrunn Castle nor at the Wilhelmhöhe in Kassel but on the platform by Lake Aa – a liquid manure truck shooting a jet of water far into the lake. There is nothing negative about the truck’s appearance, for when it is illuminated at night, it shines, bright silver, in the light. It is only the smell of manure that creates an unpleasant impression. Every citizen of Münster knows this smell, which is hardly surprising considering that almost 15,000 cows and 85,000 pigs are raised in the surrounding Münsterland. However, this particular manure truck is not spraying fertilizer, but rather water taken from Lake Aa and fed with a solution of iron(III) chloride before being pumped back into the lake under great pressure. A manmade body of water, Lake Aa was created before the First World War as a reservoir for the large amounts of rain that had previously caused annual flooding in the spring and fall. In the 1970s, the lake was expanded to its current dimensions. However, because it is shallow, Lake Aa suffers in particular from the influx of phosphates from fertilizers and liquid manure, which are carried to its waters by various streams and cause recurrent algae blooms. Tue Greenfort sees his work as a critical commentary on the attempts to improve the quality of water in Lake Aa by means of these “inoculations” with iron(III) chloride, since these are little more than cosmetic measures designed to maintain the lake’s idyllic.

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